Word BubbleThe mission of the Life Sciences Incubator at Mayo Clinic in Florida is to create a collaborative biotech business hub that is focused on the generation and development of new ideas that are translated into viable commercial products and services, and then applied clinically for the advancement of human health and well-being.


Our incubator will commercialize discoveries from within the Mayo Clinic research labs and clinical practice, and will also host life sciences companies from across the United States and around the world that could benefit from being co-located with Mayo Clinic resources on our campus.

The Life Sciences Incubator provides its member companies with access to state of the art facilities and equipment, education, and world renowned medical thought leadership – including opportunities to collaborate with Mayo Clinic in Florida research labs, our Center for Individualized Medicine, our Center for Regenerative Medicine, and our Clinical Services practice.

The Life Sciences Incubator is the commercial bridge that connects research labs to the clinical market. We are structured to provide startup support through our:

  • Idea Lab – focused on problem solving and ideation, the Idea Lab facilitates the translation of discoveries into product design.
  • Incubator – our incubator brings together design teams to create business models and new companies, and then provides wet labs, office space, and business services to nurture the growth of those companies.
  • Accelerator – the accelerator provides access to the clinical, business management, and financial resources required to grow our portfolio companies quickly.